Instagram is often overlooked but can be an advantageous business platform for many bars and restaurants. Below we will break down 5 ways in which Instagram and its features can benefit the savvy landlord or restaurant manager.


1 – Raising Awareness! Instagram is a platform based on communities and photography. What better way to connect with your clients and potential customers than via the power of imagery. Instagram has many built-in features that can increase your reach such as location tagging and hash-tagging to name a few. All it takes is an email address to set up an account. So take some photos, choose your favourite filter and get started!

2 – Instagram Stories! Cheap disposable content to capture attention. Great companies learn to use Instagram stories in a way that adds value to the consumers, for instance, specials of the day? Have your chef prepare the daily special and take a nice photo of it for your story, everyone loves pictures of food right? Create a poll and let your customers vote on their favourite dish at your restaurant! What an easy way to get instant customer feedback! Soon we will write a whole blog on this feature so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

3 – Swipe Up! Once your Instagram account has become more relevant and successful you can access other features such as swipe up to buy. You can you this swipe of feature to direct customers and create funnels to buy tickets of coupons for special events and deals. Even if you don’t want to sell anything with this capability you can use Instagram to direct customers to your blogs, website or other platforms. Capture data and increase marketing potential.

4 – Behind The Scenes! Why not take advantage of the vlogging and video capabilities of your Instagram account and show people some behind the scenes footage, this could be anything from meal preps to a staff members birthday! Making your establishment more relatable and emotional online can develop stronger bonds with existing customers.

5 – Event Marketing! The World Cup? Premier League Football? Rugby? Massive sporting events have the general public flocking to anywhere with a large screen TV and fast drink service. Capture the busy periods of your Bar and capitalise on this by sharing your packed house online. You can even use the chance to try and pack your stories out some drinks offers and cheap pizza (as long as it doesn’t have pineapple on it).