EPOS, through and through

Founded in 1991, Microtek is an EPOS & IT Repair specialist bucking the trend in this throw-away world.

Repair or refurbish, in or out of warranty, OEM and alternative parts, large service loop management or independent retailer, repair and preventative maintenance. No matter what the product, our focus is always on an economical repair.

Rash Nila, our Managing Director joined as a Trainee Technician in 1980 and moving through to Technical director before leading a Management Buyout in 1991. Rash and Microtek’s development have intertwined through 30 years of EPOS evolution to modern-day servicing & repairs of sophisticated in-store IT suites. 

Together Rash and his Microtek team provide assurance, value, and competence to our service partners, multi-site and independent customers alike with enthusiasm for extending the life of your EPOS & IT investment.

"It's not magic, everything is repairable."
Rash Nila
Managing Director