POS Till Management

Good information in equals good information out!

Real-time data any time and anywhere is now the basic requirement of any business owner. Our cloud-based software enables these basic expectations.

It’s user-friendly interface provides a window into a suite of tools, allowing complete control over POS terminals. Coupled with real-time data, business strategies can be reviewed quickly with changes to staffing, menu updates, pricing, new products etc. implemented quickly and easily.

Business Reporting

Back office solutions provide our customers’ with the tools they need to make their businesses more efficient and successful. From quick summaries to detailed reports, our software provides the information our customers need to make profit-making and cost-saving decisions.

Reports can be accessed via PC applications, cloud-based reporting options, or by automated email delivery, as well as having report data exported to third party solutions.

Stock Management

The ability to set stock levels and manage on-site and remotely are, without a doubt, key to all businesses within the hospitality sector.

Profitability can be directly linked to stock management, especially in the hospitality industry.

Insufficient reporting functions will lead to wastage and unbalanced stock. As, such the stock management functionality in our back office software has been developed with the end users’ business in mind.

The ability to link ingredients to menu items, alongside classic buy and sell product monitoring and trend analysis, ensures the pre-programmed stock levels can be maintained.

Multi-Site Solutions

We offer multi-site back office solutions, ideal for multiples needing to centralise product control and wanting concise, but comprehensive, performance and inventory reporting. 

Our software combines applications and cloud-based solutions that utilise the power of the Microsoft SQL server. This means sites have access to their data via our web-based solution through nothing more than a web browser.