Software with Support

We have our own software and development team that is personable, accessible, and supremely knowledgeable. Our team is geared towards delivering lifetime support to help our reseller network access reliability, growth, and profitability.

Handheld Ordering

A must-have for hospitality customers, our handheld ordering software will streamline order-taking and improve order accuracy with  solutions integrated into our POS solutions.

Handhold ordering means front of house staff spend more time helping to increase a venue’s revenue and customer satisfaction levels, as well as reducing labour costs and wastage levels.

Table Ordering

Order accuracy has never been so high.

With a real need for additional handheld hardware negated, table ordering integration not only opens up additional revenues streams and increases revenue per order, but seamlessly integrates to your POS system and kitchen printers. This increases order accuracy, reducing wastage, costs and meeting the new world’s decreasing needs for customer interaction.

Our fixed cost, no commission, online ordering solutions can be used for table ordering, collection orders and deliveries – or any combination of these. Orders can be delivered instantly to our POS solutions or to a separate stand-alone printer.

Table Plans

Organising your seating plans and service times to ensure maximum utilisation is a key part of any restaurant profit plan.

Our multi-location table plans feature an easy-to-use, drag and drop floor plan design function, allowing users to readily mirror their physical table layouts.

Our colour coding and graphical table usage, table status, and outstanding balances provide real-time information to help balance service delivery with bookings. This ensure customers can relax longer at their tables if required where no one waits to be seated.

Kitchen Video Systems

Ensuring seamless communication between the front of house and busy kitchen areas allows for the customer to relax and enjoy their visit with friends and family.

Today, it’s not just about communicating between POS systems or handheld devices, and the kitchen. With table ordering and online ordering, we have a Kitchen Video System (KVS) that is more than up to its job to send orders directly to the kitchen display and/or kitchen printers.

Orders can be displayed in a simple and user-friendly manner. Import information, such as cooking instructions, can be added to time-stamped orders that  re grouped by table. This allows kitchen staff to manage the progress of individual orders during busy service periods.

Order Boards

Ideal for takeaway and collection environments, our POS solutions integrate with order boards. This technology provides real-time information via a digital display,  allowing customers to see the status of their order in a visual format, and notified them when their order is ready for collection.

With multiple ways to order, we have supplemented our POS software to include this order board functionality.