PCB... as Easy as ABC

In the heart of our repair centre is our Tech Lab, which focuses on extending the life of your IT equipment through PCB ‘component level’ repairs. Our Tech Lab continues to successfully repair the end user’s PCBs due to our investment in four key areas:

  • Extensive Technology: Kitted out with an x-ray machine, thermal reflow oven, vision inspection scope, and a BGA reflow workstation;
  • Skilled Engineers: With on-going support and training, our Tech Lab team continues to develop their knowledge and skills.
  • Extensive Supply Chain: Sourcing a wide range of new and old ICs capacitors, SMD, BGA chips, inductors, resistors, and connectors
  • Preventative Maintenance: By affording our Tech Lab the time and space to correctly diagnose, replicate and repair the PCBs, patterns occur from which our team advises the end users on preventative maintenance in the form of PCB modifications

“Board to death… Not in or Tech Lab!”

— Craig Warrilow, Operations Supervisor, Microtek

All in all, our Tech Lab has the expertise, tools, and supply chain to repair your PCBs. In turn, this reduces your repair bills and extends the lifecycle of your IT estate.