Trusted Service Provider

We provide a range of repair contracts to our partners, service providers, and end users around Europe and the UK. From owning and underwriting contracts ourselves to delivering ‘Advance Exchange’ or ‘Return to Base’ warranty and repairs, right through to Repair Loop Management. We take time to ensure end users are fully updated with downtimes being kept to a minimum. We know the tills need to keep ringing!

Here at Microtek, we deliver a range of warranty programs for many manufacturers and brands in the QSR (Quick Service Restaurants), hospitality, and retail markets. Each program is tailored to fit around the end user’s needs, their contractual agreements, and the parameters set out by each manufacture.

Prompt, Reliable, Dependable

Servicing our customers’ EPOS and IT is more than just repairing units. By working in partnership with some of the UK’s leading service and field engineering companies, we don’t just repair faulty or damaged units, but add value and efficiencies through a detailed analysis of common faults, allowing for preventative maintenance to be advised and delivered.

As a service partner, our ambition is to reduce downtime by managing your repair cycle. This is achieved by effective and competent repair, understanding environmental challenges, and extending the life of the repair service loop stock by using our years of experience to source parts, find acceptable alternatives, and re-manufacture end of life components where applicable.

“PAR wanted a UK and European fulfilment partner that understood the urgent needs of our customers in the POS and Drive-Thru markets. With Microtek, we have had quick deliveries, excellent communication and an enthusiastic team that have supported us throughout our growth. It has been a successful partnership and we look forward to the future.”

Tamara Haslam

Former UK General Manager, PAR Technology

Some of the Programs We Deliver

Advanced Exchange

Sending out replacement units on day one or two of failure is essential to many businesses and franchisees, so our aim is to ensure they have the toold to keep delivering their services.

Once the replacement unit is installed and the site is up and running, we organise the collection of the faulty unit, assess, repair, and replace where necessary to get the unit returned to the service loop stock as per each individual warranty program.

Approved Warranty

We are a certified warranty and repair partner for a wide range of OEMs. We hold consignment stock parts for the OEM and have pre-approved limits to quickly repair and return failed units, whilst managing the reporting, return, and replenishment of faulty parts directly with the OEM.

OEM Return to Base

Through existing contracts supporting QSRs and retailers, we are responsible for handling safe passage and repair validation of many brands via the OEM’s own warranty programs.

One of our key jobs is to manage and minimise the days out of service, negating the need for further investment from our end users in extensive service loop stock.

Our ambition is always to minimise your downtime. As such, we are always looking to extend our engineers' certifications to ensure the end user has the best possible service.