POS Tills

Uniwell POS is an embedded hardware POS, whilst PAR PC POS is situated in many large national branded QSRs, along with the OXHOO brand with an enclosed receipt printer and the SunPOS series from POS Tektronics.

All our POS tills are fully supported by our in-house repair and warranty teams.

Handheld Ordering

‘On-the-go’ ordering to seamlessly speed up transactions, decrease queues, reduce errors, and add convenience to your customers’ businesses.

With a range of handheld technology available, our systems support customers’ needs from robust and rigorous, to flexible and functional.


Providing a platform for customers to transact their own way, creating their own orders at their own pace, and providing a platform for the customer to ‘truly be king’ has seen self-service kiosks utilised across the QSR market as well as in retail, libraries, and museums.

Kiosks can bring significant and tangible benefits to an end user’s business in the form of increased order accuracy, reduced wastage, increased revenue through tactically placed promotions and upselling/cross-selling opportunities, whilst loyalty schemes ensure the next visit is never too far away. All in all, focusing on the customer journey ensures a smoother and more streamlined transaction.

Printers (Receipt & Kitchen)

Printers are like ‘fight club’ and should never be talked about, but should sit there working away, easy to change the paper and easy to de-clog the cutter mechanism (as this will happen to the best of them).

Price and functionality are at the forefront of our options. 

We provide our dealer network with a slimmed-down printer choice. We have taken much of the decision-making away and have a very focused range to meet your customers’ requirements.

We have a range of branded and unbranded receipt and kitchen printers, whereby we pass on the manufacturer warranty period,  but without the lead-time of back-to-back supply. All printers are housed on-site in our Leeds-based warehouse, meaning we can ship the same day.

Card Readers & Cash Drawers

In-store or on the move, our payment machines allow for credit card, debit card, mobile wallet, and contactless payments. So no matter what your business, it’s never been smoother to finalise your transactions.

Through our software development team, our card readers are integrated ensuring payments and ‘bill closure’ is seamlessly in-sync.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has seen significant strides forward in what has been deemed a ‘cashless society’, with some customers asking if the cash-drawer is on its way out? Not our offering – robust, sleek, and reliable, our 12v and 24v cash drawers are here to stay!