EPOS Built, Imaged & Configured Your Way.

Microtek’s staging services ensure your POS or IT is upgraded to the correct hardware specification (i.e. rear displays, MSR, SSD, Memory, etc) and is configured to specification as well as store base image built on top of the operating system. Ensuring your system is ready for you.

Specializing in pre-installation services to ensure our customers’ EPOS systems are configured and images before being sent directly to the end-user or through engineering service partners. The process will also include bespoke hardware specification preparation kitting up rear displays and MSR options.

Our experienced tech lab team also image and configure laptops, tablets, and other equipment in our customer wide and diverse IT estates.

"It's refreshing to deal with a professional company with a can do attitude. Being able to prepare in advance of installation was a major factor in keeping disruption to my business to a minimum. Diligent installation technician ensured that everything was fully functioning prior to hand over."
Steven Vincent
Subway Franchise Owner