"Picking, packing, and same-day shipping is standard. It’s the additional communication and services that make us stand out."

Inventory & Storage

Within the EOPS market order fulfillment is so much more than just box shifting. Services that we deliver provide our customers with the knowledge that there is a keen audit trail for inbound & outbound goods as well as monthly stock counts and quarterly serial number verifications.
Our customers get the choice of stock storage or a full inventory management service ensuring that we work with their centralised offices to manage stock levels based upon forecasts and run rates. As part of the inventory management, Microtek also fulfills a warranty tracking provision, ensuring serial numbers are documented and tracked as Microtek is often the 1st port of call for damaged/faulty units.

Picking, Packing & Shipping

With stock rotation and good inventory management, Microtek ensures that our partners are always supplying their customers with the newest products with the shortest shelf life. Single line items or bundles of our internal systems ensure that the picking lists are itemised helping our team deliver 100% accuracy.
Our warehouse team ensures that your parcels are packed with the receiving company in mind. Mixed parts are segregated by individual bags or boxes within larger boxes, meaning that when your customers receive the deliveries they have a manifest and items are easily distinguishable.
Understanding the intricacies and pricing matrices of international shipping allows Microtek to choose the most effective shipping routes whilst our courier contracts allow for a keen eye on cost control for us and the customer. With our new ‘Commercial Invoice’ Microtek already has established practices to ship into Europe both inside & outside of the EU. The form ensures that customs around the world get a one-page clear view of the shipment to be able to make quick and educated decisions, once again transparency making it easy for your shipments to travel cross borders.